img 819 N Date St Truth or Consequences, NM 87901 United States

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The Perfect Getaway

19874603.pngWelcome to the Oasis Motel. Is there an Oasis in the desert in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico you ask…..”yah there is” I say. We are surrounded by hot mineral springs here in town. Along with the hot springs you can walk on the sidewalk through town with many quaint shops of art, southwest jewelry, thrift stores, art galleries, the best southwest Geronimo Museum, hometown grocery store that still delivers, ice cream cones, drug store with items besides drugs….can you believe that????? Oh yes and we will have the first ride for an individual up into space at our Spaceport. Wow… You must stop by and get the feeling.

Why Us

c272fcaa38184420a990121b71506853Small, clean, quiet, reasonable rates, friendly, and sitting in the middle of hot mineral springs and enchanted views.